Joan Ryan MP urges Labour leader to take ‘immediate and urgent’ action to tackle antisemitism in party

The Chair of LFI, Joan Ryan MP, has today written to Jeremy Corbyn following comments by Labour MP Naz Shah: Dear Jeremy, I was extremely disturbed to read this morning the reported comments by Naz Shah. They highlight once again a highly offensive and totally unacceptable discourse which is currently apparent in the party.  While[…]

Cameron turns down LFI call for review of PA funding; Joan Ryan MP requests Prime Minister “think again”; denounces UK support for co-existence projects as “pitiable”

Joan Ryan has urged the Prime Minister to “think again” after he rejected her call for an independent review into how Britain’s aid money is spent in Israel-Palestine. In February, LFI’s Chair wrote to David Cameron raising her concerns about the Palestinian Authority’s role in inciting the current wave of violence in Israel. She asked[…]