In Brief: Rockets fired at Israel following death of terror affiliate

104 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza yesterday following the death in custody of an affiliate of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, following an 86-day hunger strike.

An IDF spokesman said the projectiles included rockets, mortars, and shoulder-launched missiles …

Analysis: IRGC tightens grip on Iran’s economy amid new UK assassination plots warning

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Tehran’s much-feared ideological army – has effectively taken charge of the Iranian economy, secret documents published last weekend indicate.

The revelations – published by the Sunday Times – come amid warnings about IRGC assassination …

LFI parliamentarians attend briefing on Middle East security situation

This afternoon, a number of LFI parliamentarians joined a Britain-Israel APPG briefing from Tamir Hayman, managing director of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), on the security situation in the Middle East, including the threat posed by Iran and