Analysis: Seven Defining Moments: Israel at 70

On the 14th May, 1948, on the termination of the British Mandate, Israel declared its independence. As the Jewish state celebrates its seventieth anniversary, here are seven defining moments in the history of the reborn Jewish state. 1948 – Israel’s War of Independence The Jewish Agency, pre-state Israel’s government-in-waiting, accepting UN Resolution 181 which called[…]

Analysis: Iran’s Syria threat to Israel

An Iranian drone which entered Israeli airspace in February was carrying explosives, it was revealed on Friday. The attempted attack – the explosives were sufficient to cause damage, although the precise target remains unknown – represents the first direct attack by the Islamic republic on Israel. It also indicates that Iranian aggression may be set to cause[…]

Analysis: UK funds PA lessons in hate

The government has admitted that British aid is helping to support the delivery of the Palestinian Authority’s new school curriculum – a curriculum which promotes terrorism and encourages children to become “martyrs”. The revelation was exposed by LFI chair Joan Ryan and covered by the Sunday Times last weekend. In response to a series of parliamentary questions[…]

Joan Ryan MP writes to Jeremy Corbyn over Israeli Labour’s decision to suspend relations with him

LFI chair Joan Ryan MP has written to Jeremy Corbyn, following the decision by the leader of the Israeli Labor party, Avi Gabbay, to suspend relations with the Labour leader. Her letter is below. LFI Director Jennifer Gerber also commented: “We fully understand why the Israeli Labor party has decided to suspend relations with Jeremy Corbyn.[…]

Analysis: Clashes at the Gaza border leave sixteen Palestinians dead

Sixteen Palestinians – eleven of whom were known members of terror organisations – died during clashes on the border between Gaza and Israel on Friday. The clashes took place in the context of a series of protests at the Gaza border, calling for the fulfilment of the Palestinian ‘right of return’. Friday’s events were the[…]