Analysis: Trump’s peace plan: the ultimate deal?

President Trump’s long-awaited Middle East plan is close to completion, according to reports in the US media last weekend. The timing of its release is not yet confirmed and details of its contents are highly guarded. However, the president’s enthusiasm for negotiating the “ultimate deal” – a peace agreement which brings an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict –[…]

LFI Chair Joan Ryan MP writes to Jeremy Corbyn over ‘Palestine Live’

Joan Ryan MP has written to Jeremy Corbyn over his membership of the anti-semitic Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’. Ms Ryan writes: “I was deeply disturbed to read reports that you were a member of the anti-semitic Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’, where neo-Nazi material and Holocaust denial was widespread…I was further shocked that you organised an event[…]

Pledge to end Gaza crisis offers a solution, not a soundbite

This op-ed by Joan Ryan first appeared in the JewishNews, click here to read it.  The humanitarian situation in Gaza is desperate and deeply concerning. Electricity supplies are highly restricted; water and sewage facilities are under strain; rising unemployment has hit 40 percent, with an estimated six in 10 young people out of work. For[…]

LFI launches Pledge for Gaza

LFI today launches our new Pledge for Gaza campaign – part of our long-standing work to encourage the economic revitalisation of the coastal enclave. We will be inviting Labour parliamentarians to sign the five-point plan. It seeks to provide a multifaceted response to the challenges facing Gaza. The pledge recognises the plight of the people of Gaza and the[…]

Analysis: Who could replace Netanyahu?

The formal decision by Israel’s national police chief, Roni Alsheikh, to recommend indicting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a range of corruption charges has many on the left heralding the end of the Likud leader. Opposition leader Avi Gabbay proclaimed “The Netanyahu era is over”. Such pronouncements may be premature. The crucial decision on whether[…]