Analysis: Abbas speech peddles “antisemitic fictions”

In an angry, some believe valedictory, address on Sunday evening, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, delivered a series of broadsides against Israel, rejected the nascent US peace plan and vowed to continue paying salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists. Abbas’ speech drew sharp criticism from across the Israeli political spectrum, with Labor leader Avi Gabbay accusing him of peddling “antisemitic[…]

Analysis: Iranians protest the cost of regime’s foreign wars

The new year political unrest in Iran is not unprecedented. Three times in the last two decades, the Islamic regime has faced mass protests. In July 1999, students took to the streets to demand freedom of speech, while, 10 years later, the Green Movement saw demonstrations against the vote-rigging which accompanied the re-election of the[…]

LFI secures parliamentary debate on Hezbollah proscription

LFI chair Joan Ryan has secured a cross-party parliamentary debate on the proscription of Hezbollah on Thursday 25 January. LFI has long called for the complete proscription of the terrorist group Hezbollah. Currently, the UK only proscribes Hezbollah’s ‘military wing’, but not its ‘political wing’. The UK’s distinction is not one that Hezbollah itself recognises.[…]