Coexistence projects are key to building peace

This article by LFI chair Rt Hon. Joan Ryan MP first featured in the JewishNews. Click here to read it.  This week’s announcement by the government that it will invest up to £3 million over the next three years in coexistence projects which bring together Israelis and Palestinians represents a huge step forward in Labour Friends of[…]

Analysis: Terror at the Temple Mount

The terrorist attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last week, and ongoing disturbances surrounding new security measures introduced around the holy site by Israel, has thrown a renewed focus on what has been described as “the most incendiary spot in the Middle East”. Two Israeli police officers standing guard at the Lion’s Gate entrance[…]

Major victory for LFI’s coexistence campaign

The government yesterday announced a huge boost for UK support for coexistence funding in a major victory for LFI’s longstanding campaign on the issue. The Department for International Development has pledged up to £3 million per year for the next three years to support people-to-people projects which bring Israelis and Palestinians together. UK support for such projects[…]

Analysis: new Labor, new Macron?

Avi Gabbay, a political outsider, was elected leader of the Israeli Labor party on Monday. His upset victory – in the second round of the primary election, Gabbay convincingly defeated Amir Peretz, a one-time party leader and cabinet minister – brought immediate comparisons with the rise of Emmanuel Macron in France. Once Israel’s dominant political force, Labor[…]

Analysis: The battle for the Labor crown

The Israeli Labor party will have a new leader after Isaac Herzog lost his bid for re-election earlier this week. With no candidate clearing the 40 percent threshold needed to win outright in the first round, the top two-placed candidates – Amir Peretz (pictured) and Avi Gabbay – will fight for the party’s crown in[…]

LFI parliamentary supporters make the case for Israel

In a House of Commons debate yesterday on Israel-Palestinian peace talks, LFI parliamentary supporters challenged the government on its cuts to co-existence funding, pushed our campaign for an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace and highlighted the barriers to peace, including PA incitement and terrorism. LFI chair Joan Ryan urged the government to “reverse their elimination of UK support for co-existence projects[…]

Major boost for LFI’s coexistence funding campaign

LFI’s campaign in support of the establishment of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace received a major boost this week with the endorsement of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council. In a joint statement backing the Fund, which aims to provide much-needed funding for coexistence projects, Gillian Merron, chief executive[…]

Analysis: Light at the end of the tunnel for Gaza?

Ten years ago this month, Hamas executed a brutal takeover of Gaza, one that saw the terrorist group murder its political opponents and impose an Islamist regime on the poverty-stricken enclave. On three occasions since, most recently in 2014, the group has provoked bloody conflicts with Israel after sustained attacks on Israeli civilians. In each,[…]

Analysis: Calling out Hezbollah

The green and yellow flags, adorned with an upturned machine gun, which were on display on the streets of central London last weekend were those of the anti-Semitic terror group, Hezbollah. The flags have become a regular feature of the annual Al Quds Day parade through the city, but, given the origins of the event, an[…]