Analysis: The link between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism

The link between anti-semitism and anti-Israel attitudes has been long debated and hotly contested. To some the connection is self-evident. Seeking to demonise and delegitimise Israel, to question the right to exist of the world’s only Jewish state to exist and to deny the Jews’ right to self-determination is the very essence of “modern anti-semitism”. Others view[…]

Analysis: Kushner’s Middle East foray

The bland statements issued from Jerusalem, Ramallah and Washington last week gave no hint to the success of otherwise of the US’ latest attempt to push a peace initiative in the Middle East. Following talks last week in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Israel and Palestine by the administration’s special envoy, Jason Greenblatt[…]

Analysis: Hamas’ never-ending war

This month sees two significant and related anniversaries. Twelve years ago this week Israel began its unilateral pull out from the Gaza Strip, while 26 August marks the third anniversary of the end of Operation Protective Edge, the 50-day bloody conflict waged by the Jewish state to stop Hamas’ rocket attacks. The Gaza withdrawal and[…]

Analysis: The end of the road for Bibi?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s long domination of Israeli politics may finally be drawing to a close as a series of corruption scandals threaten to consume his premiership. The peril facing the prime minister mounted last week as police revealed that he is a suspect in two bribery and breach of trust investigations. Netanyahu has been under investigation for several[…]

Analysis: Israel’s Syria aid effort revealed

The full extent of a massive humanitarian effort by Israel to assist thousands of Syrians on its northern border has been revealed. Over the past six years, Israel has studiously avoided being dragged into the brutal civil war, while keeping a watchful eye on Iranian expansionism into the conflict-ravaged country and launching occasional strikes aimed[…]

LFI chair writes to Theresa May over Temple Mount concerns

LFI’s chair, Joan Ryan, has today written to the Prime Minister regarding the situation at the Temple Mount. In her letter, she details evidence of incitement perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority over the past 10 days, and writes: “While President Abbas initially condemned the terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, the PA and his political party, Fatah, appear to have subsequently given[…]

Coexistence projects are key to building peace

This article by LFI chair Rt Hon. Joan Ryan MP first featured in the JewishNews. Click here to read it.  This week’s announcement by the government that it will invest up to £3 million over the next three years in coexistence projects which bring together Israelis and Palestinians represents a huge step forward in Labour Friends of[…]

Analysis: Terror at the Temple Mount

The terrorist attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last week, and ongoing disturbances surrounding new security measures introduced around the holy site by Israel, has thrown a renewed focus on what has been described as “the most incendiary spot in the Middle East”. Two Israeli police officers standing guard at the Lion’s Gate entrance[…]