May urged to secure pledge from PA over Bladon murder

This article originally appeared in the Jewish Chronicle.  Theresa May’s government has been urged to seek assurances from Palestinian  Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas that the man who murdered a British student in Jerusalem last week will not now be paid a salary by the PA for his act of terrorism. In a letter sent to[…]

Analysis: Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike continues

Palestinian political leader Marwan Barghouti announced last week that he was going on hunger strike, accepting only water and salt. Palestinian officials say Barghouti’s health is “dangerously deteriorating” and that he is refusing Israeli medical treatment and food. This dramatic move has garnered the support of 1,000 of his fellow prisoners who are striking alongside him.[…]

Analysis: ISIS threat grows in Sinai

ISIS fired a rocket into southern Israel from northern Sinai this week, striking a greenhouse but causing no major injuries. The terrorist group, which controls a small region of the peninsula near the Gaza strip, immediately claimed responsibility for the low-grade attack. Under the title Wilayet Sinai, ISIS in Egypt consists of around 1000 fighters,[…]

Analysis: Israel announces settlement restrictions

After weeks of negotiations, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week a new framework on settlement construction in the West Bank. Citing the wishes of the new American administration to see settlement building curtailed, Netanyahu announced that any new construction will be limited to within existing settlement boundaries. Where this is not possible, new[…]

Iain McNicol visits Israel with LFI

Iain McNicol, general secretary of the Labour party, travelled to Israel this week with Labour Friends of Israel. The three-day trip included laying a wreath at Yad Vashem; meeting with Israeli Labor MKs Hilik Bar and Michal Biran and the party’s new general secretary, Eran Hermoni; visiting a Jerusalem coexistence project; and a tour of[…]

Labour dossier reveals PA’s school terror name shame

This article first appeared in the Jewish Chronicle.  Terrorists and Nazi collaborators have been ‘honoured’ by having schools named after them in the West Bank The government has been urged to step up pressure on the Palestinian Authority over funding pledges after it emerged that more than 20 Palestinian schools receiving cash in the West[…]

Analysis: Israel strikes Syria

Israel struck a number of targets in Syria last week, in what was the country’s strongest intervention into the Syrian civil war yet. Whilst previous attacks have mostly been concentrated in southern Lebanon and Damascus, this series of raids also included a hit on a military base near Palmyra. In response, the Syrian army launched[…]