Iran tightens its grip on Syria

Over the past five years, Iran has played a major role in assisting President Assad to the brink of victory in Syria’s bloody civil war. However, the Islamic republic’s actions have not been driven simply but its long-standing friendship with the Syrian regime. Instead, Iran has used the civil war to bolster its strength in[…]

Labour MPs visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories on LFI delegation

Seven Labour parliamentarians toured Israel and the Palestinian territories this week on a delegation run by Labour Friends of Israel. LFI parliamentary chair Joan Ryan led the delegation, and she was joined by MPs Louise Ellman, Andrew Gwynne, Stephen Morgan, Sharon Hodgson, and Jonathan Reynolds, as well as Lord Roy Kennedy. The delegation first visited Jerusalem, including a tour[…]

Metropolitan police confirm to LFI vice-chair Hezbollah flags can be flown on Al-Quds day due to government policy

In a letter to Louise Ellman MP, vice-chair of LFI, Commander Jane Connors of the Metropolitan police confirmed that the Hezbollah flag can be flown at this year’s Al-Quds day protest in London as the terror group’s “political wing” is not proscribed by parliament. The letter makes clear that it is government policy – and[…]

A pledge and a plan for Gaza

Last week’s tragic events on the Gaza border underline the need for urgent action to address the plight of the Palestinian people. Earlier this year, LFI launched a Pledge for Gaza. It promotes a multifaceted approach, one with political, diplomatic and economic strands. The pledge recognises the suffering of the people of Gaza and the dire[…]

Trump should mend, not end, the Iran nuclear deal

President Trump’s decision yesterday to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement deals a severe, possibly fatal, blow to the 2015 agreement which aims to prevent the Islamic republic from resuming its nuclear programme. Trump says he will reimpose sanctions on Iran, which were lifted in return for Tehran’s compliance with the accord,[…]