Labour MPs visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories on LFI delegation

Seven Labour parliamentarians toured Israel and the Palestinian territories this week on a delegation run by Labour Friends of Israel. LFI parliamentary chair Joan Ryan led the delegation, and she was joined by MPs Louise Ellman, Andrew Gwynne, Stephen Morgan, Sharon Hodgson, and Jonathan Reynolds, as well as Lord Roy Kennedy. The delegation first visited Jerusalem, including a tour[…]

Metropolitan police confirm to LFI vice-chair Hezbollah flags can be flown on Al-Quds day due to government policy

In a letter to Louise Ellman MP, vice-chair of LFI, Commander Jane Connors of the Metropolitan police confirmed that the Hezbollah flag can be flown at this year’s Al-Quds day protest in London as the terror group’s “political wing” is not proscribed by parliament. The letter makes clear that it is government policy – and[…]

Joan Ryan MP writes to Jeremy Corbyn over Israeli Labour’s decision to suspend relations with him

LFI chair Joan Ryan MP has written to Jeremy Corbyn, following the decision by the leader of the Israeli Labor party, Avi Gabbay, to suspend relations with the Labour leader. Her letter is below. LFI Director Jennifer Gerber also commented: “We fully understand why the Israeli Labor party has decided to suspend relations with Jeremy Corbyn.[…]

LFI Chair Joan Ryan MP writes to Jeremy Corbyn over ‘Palestine Live’

Joan Ryan MP has written to Jeremy Corbyn over his membership of the anti-semitic Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’. Ms Ryan writes: “I was deeply disturbed to read reports that you were a member of the anti-semitic Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’, where neo-Nazi material and Holocaust denial was widespread…I was further shocked that you organised an event[…]

Pledge to end Gaza crisis offers a solution, not a soundbite

This op-ed by Joan Ryan first appeared in the JewishNews, click here to read it.  The humanitarian situation in Gaza is desperate and deeply concerning. Electricity supplies are highly restricted; water and sewage facilities are under strain; rising unemployment has hit 40 percent, with an estimated six in 10 young people out of work. For[…]

LFI launches Pledge for Gaza

LFI today launches our new Pledge for Gaza campaign – part of our long-standing work to encourage the economic revitalisation of the coastal enclave. We will be inviting Labour parliamentarians to sign the five-point plan. It seeks to provide a multifaceted response to the challenges facing Gaza. The pledge recognises the plight of the people of Gaza and the[…]

Time to get tough, Prime Minister

This op-ed first appeared in the Jewish Chronicle, click here to view the original.  Britain is a major donor to the Palestinian Authority. Over the period to 2021, £125m of taxpayers’ money will be sent to Ramallah. Supporting a viable Palestinian administration is key to the UK’s goal of achieving a two-state solution, a goal[…]

Government offers support for International Fund

The government this week said it supported the establishment of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Asked by LFI parliamentary supporter Luciana Berger at Foreign Office questions to “pledge the UK’s diplomatic support”, Middle East minister Alistair Burt announced: “The UK supports the concept of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.” He continued: “We’re following the concept[…]