Syrian friendly fire incident causes Israel-Russia relationship to sour

The fragile working relationship between Israel and Russia in Syria – which gave Israel freedom of manoeuvre in Syrian skies – has come under severe strain after the downing of a Russian Ilyushin military intelligence plane, killing the 15 servicemen on board. The incident, which occurred in mid-September, saw Syrian air defences accidentally shoot down[…]

Trump wrong to cut UNRWA funds

The Trump administration has decided to stop funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), a body which provides humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees. The decision amounts to a $350m cut from the organisation’s $1.2bn annual budget. Evaluation of the Trump administration’s decision often balances the agency’s vital humanitarian work against its political, security[…]

Corbyn’s Hamas links under scrutiny

Jeremy Corbyn’s past links with Hamas have come under intense scrutiny this week, as the fallout from Labour’s failure to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism continues. On Monday, it was revealed that the Labour leader had chaired a panel at a conference in Doha in 2012 which was also attended[…]

Fresh wave of antisemitic and anti-Zionist incidents rock Labour

Following Labour’s decision not to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism last month, a further wave of reports concerning antisemitic and anti-Zionist incidents in Labour have rocked the party. In response to Mr Corbyn’s role in many of these incidents, Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan has called for an investigation into[…]

Israel leads extraordinary White Helmets rescue

Last weekend, in an extraordinary humanitarian operation, Israel helped evacuate 800 members of the White Helmets and their families. Israel, working with North American and European countries, including the UK, transported the humanitarian workers from South West Syria into Jordan. Jordan, which has consistently refused to accept Syrian refugees in recent years, stated that it made an[…]

Labour rejects IHRA definition of antisemitism

The Labour party’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee, yesterday decided to adopt a controversial new definition of antisemitism. It did so in the face of near-universal condemnation from the Jewish community and overwhelming opposition from Labour MPs. Labour’s new code of conduct – which will be used to decide the disciplinary cases of those[…]