Analysis: Iran’s Syria threat to Israel

An Iranian drone which entered Israeli airspace in February was carrying explosives, it was revealed on Friday. The attempted attack – the explosives were sufficient to cause damage, although the precise target remains unknown – represents the first direct attack by the Islamic republic on Israel. It also indicates that Iranian aggression may be set to cause[…]

Analysis: UK funds PA lessons in hate

The government has admitted that British aid is helping to support the delivery of the Palestinian Authority’s new school curriculum – a curriculum which promotes terrorism and encourages children to become “martyrs”. The revelation was exposed by LFI chair Joan Ryan and covered by the Sunday Times last weekend. In response to a series of parliamentary questions[…]

Israel’s weekend of terror

Three Israelis were murdered in a weekend of terror attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Adiel Kolman, a 32-year-old father of four, was stabbed to death near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday. Two days earlier, two Israeli soldiers were killed and another two injured following a car ramming attack outside[…]

Analysis: Trump’s peace plan: the ultimate deal?

President Trump’s long-awaited Middle East plan is close to completion, according to reports in the US media last weekend. The timing of its release is not yet confirmed and details of its contents are highly guarded. However, the president’s enthusiasm for negotiating the “ultimate deal” – a peace agreement which brings an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict –[…]

Analysis: Who could replace Netanyahu?

The formal decision by Israel’s national police chief, Roni Alsheikh, to recommend indicting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a range of corruption charges has many on the left heralding the end of the Likud leader. Opposition leader Avi Gabbay proclaimed “The Netanyahu era is over”. Such pronouncements may be premature. The crucial decision on whether[…]

Analysis: Iran and Israel face off over Syria

Despite the shock which accompanied it, there was an inevitability to the confrontation between Israel and Iran which took place over the skies of Syria and northern Israel last weekend. This may, moreover, be simply a harbinger of more – and worse – to come. The events unfolded in four distinct stages: On Saturday morning,[…]

Analysis: The campaign to ban Hezbollah continues

The campaign to persuade the government to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety will continue, LFI chair Joan Ryan has pledged following last week’s debate in parliament. At the end of the three-hour debate secured by Ms Ryan, Home Office minister Ben Wallace rejected calls from across the House to extend the UK’s ban on the[…]