Iran tightens its grip on Syria

Over the past five years, Iran has played a major role in assisting President Assad to the brink of victory in Syria’s bloody civil war. However, the Islamic republic’s actions have not been driven simply but its long-standing friendship with the Syrian regime. Instead, Iran has used the civil war to bolster its strength in[…]

A pledge and a plan for Gaza

Last week’s tragic events on the Gaza border underline the need for urgent action to address the plight of the Palestinian people. Earlier this year, LFI launched a Pledge for Gaza. It promotes a multifaceted approach, one with political, diplomatic and economic strands. The pledge recognises the suffering of the people of Gaza and the dire[…]

Trump should mend, not end, the Iran nuclear deal

President Trump’s decision yesterday to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement deals a severe, possibly fatal, blow to the 2015 agreement which aims to prevent the Islamic republic from resuming its nuclear programme. Trump says he will reimpose sanctions on Iran, which were lifted in return for Tehran’s compliance with the accord,[…]

Abbas’ antisemitism pervades the PA

Mahmoud Abbas claimed on Monday that the behaviour of Jews was responsible for the Holocaust – the latest example of the antisemitism regularly perpetrated by the president and the Palestinian Authority. Addressing the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah, Abbas said Hitler’s murder of six million Jews was not caused by antisemitism but by the “social behaviour” of Jews,[…]

Seven Defining Moments: Israel at 70

On the 14th May, 1948, on the termination of the British Mandate, Israel declared its independence. As the Jewish state celebrates its seventieth anniversary, here are seven defining moments in the history of the reborn Jewish state. 1948 – Israel’s War of Independence The Jewish Agency, pre-state Israel’s government-in-waiting, accepting UN Resolution 181 which called[…]

Analysis: Iran’s Syria threat to Israel

An Iranian drone which entered Israeli airspace in February was carrying explosives, it was revealed on Friday. The attempted attack – the explosives were sufficient to cause damage, although the precise target remains unknown – represents the first direct attack by the Islamic republic on Israel. It also indicates that Iranian aggression may be set to cause[…]