Analysis: Iran secures “arc of influence”

Iran is this week on the verge of completing its much-vaunted “arc of influence” – a land bridge connecting Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea and the border with Israel – with the capture of the Syrian border down of al-Bukamal, close to the frontier with Iraq. The Islamic republic’s achievement – a key strategic victory[…]

Emily Thornberry visits Israel with LFI

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry returned to Britain this week after visiting Israel with LFI. During a four-day trip to Israel and the West Bank, she was accompanied by the shadow minister for peace and disarmament Fabian Hamilton. Ms Thornberry met with the new leader of the Israeli Labor party, Avi Gabbay (pictured). The two[…]

LFI MPs celebrate Balfour centenary in Parliament

Labour MPs hailed Britain’s contribution to the creation of the State of Israel in a Westminster Hall parliamentary debate this week. MPs were debating the 1917 Balfour Declaration, when Britain declared its support for the establishment of a Jewish national homeland in the land of Israel, ahead of its 100th anniversary next week. Louise Ellman MP,[…]

Analysis: Fatah and Hamas – Deal or no deal?

One week after its signing, the agreement reached between Hamas and Fatah last week – accompanied by pictures of handshakes between the two sides in Cairo and celebrations in the streets of Gaza – is already throwing up many unanswered questions. The deal formalised the previous agreement that the Palestinian Authority should take back control of[…]

Analysis: Hamas’ ruthless crackdown on dissent

The effort to broker a reconciliation deal between Hamas and Fatah returned to Cairo this week. This morning, it was announced that that the two sides had reached an agreement, and more negotiations would take place next week. At the outset of this latest round of talks between the two sides, which are being brokered by Egypt, the head of[…]