Analysis: Iran and Israel face off over Syria

Despite the shock which accompanied it, there was an inevitability to the confrontation between Israel and Iran which took place over the skies of Syria and northern Israel last weekend. This may, moreover, be simply a harbinger of more – and worse – to come. The events unfolded in four distinct stages: On Saturday morning,[…]

Analysis: The campaign to ban Hezbollah continues

The campaign to persuade the government to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety will continue, LFI chair Joan Ryan has pledged following last week’s debate in parliament. At the end of the three-hour debate secured by Ms Ryan, Home Office minister Ben Wallace rejected calls from across the House to extend the UK’s ban on the[…]

Analysis: Abbas speech peddles “antisemitic fictions”

In an angry, some believe valedictory, address on Sunday evening, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, delivered a series of broadsides against Israel, rejected the nascent US peace plan and vowed to continue paying salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists. Abbas’ speech drew sharp criticism from across the Israeli political spectrum, with Labor leader Avi Gabbay accusing him of peddling “antisemitic[…]

LFI secures parliamentary debate on Hezbollah proscription

LFI chair Joan Ryan has secured a cross-party parliamentary debate on the proscription of Hezbollah on Thursday 25 January. LFI has long called for the complete proscription of the terrorist group Hezbollah. Currently, the UK only proscribes Hezbollah’s ‘military wing’, but not its ‘political wing’. The UK’s distinction is not one that Hezbollah itself recognises.[…]

Analysis: What is the PA teaching Palestinian children?

Earlier this year, Mahmoud Abbas told President Trump: “We are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.” It is not a claim that withstands much scrutiny. The Palestinian Authority which Abbas heads namessummer camps and schools after terrorists, and its official media pumps out a diet of antisemitic incitement, which even features in children’s[…]