Jennifer Gerber LFI Director said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s decision  to nominate Shami Chakrabarti for a peerage clearly undermines the independence of her inquiry and raises further questions about the seriousness of his commitment to ridding the Labour Party of the scourge of anti-Semitism”.

LFI Director, Jennifer Gerber said: “It’s disgusting that money intended to feed and support the people of Gaza has been hijacked by Hamas to buy rockets and build terror tunnels. It once again shows the complete disdain Hamas have for the people of Gaza and that their priority is the destruction of Israel rather than Read More →

iran deal

The Iran nuclear deal was designed to reduce Iran’s nuclear capabilities by increasing the amount of time it would take Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. When the deal was signed, it was believed Iran was only months or weeks away from developing enough nuclear material for a functioning nuclear weapon. Under the deal signed Read More →

Joan Ryan MP picture

Joan Ryan MP, Chair of Labour Friends of Israel said: “We condemn any comparisons between Israel and ISIS. ISIS brutally murders Muslims who do not conform to its twisted ideology, enslaves women and is committing genocide against the Yazidi people. Last month while 200,000 people celebrated Tel Aviv Pride, ISIS continued to throw gay people Read More →


This article first appeared on the Jewish Chronicle, you can read it here.  The inquiry into antisemitism allegations in the Labour Party must make clear where criticism of Israel turns into Jew-hate, its Friends of Israel group has said. In its submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry, Labour Friends of Israel said that “almost without exception” Read More →

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